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A little over four years ago I was working all the time selling medical supplies and my husband was selling real estate.  At the time, we had been married about a year.  Life was "great" except the fact we never saw each other.  We were literally roommates, working opposite schedules and barely enjoying life together.  We were searching and praying for something to come along that would allow us more time with each other.  After three months of praying and searching for new jobs my husband was introduced to a home based business and lifestyle company that allowed us more time freedom and to finally take our honeymoon we were not able to go on before.  We plugged into the company training system and within 6 1/2 months I was able to walk away from my corporate job at the age of twenty-four.  We've enjoyed thirty-two vacations as a couple in the last four years and have met so many amazing friends along the way.  -  Vanessa R.

I've been involved with this amazing company since April of 2013. The vacations I've experienced and the lifestyle I have enjoyed for the last two years have been incredible. I literally doubled my money and my investment with the training and leadership provided. I now earn residual income that allowed me to retire my wife at the age of thirty-five.  This company has been such a blessing to me and my family! I've been fortunate enough to go on ten vacations in the last two years, which could not have been possible was it not for our amazing travel club and the extra residual income I now see every single month! The lifestyle we live, the people we meet, the relationships we build - none of it can even be explained, it must be experienced! Thank you for an amazing company that truly gives each and every person the ability to "Make a Living...Living!" - Derrick S.