I didn't think much about traveling until I homeschooled our youngest daughter. When we studied history I suddenly felt a desire to travel and see the places we were reading about.  I wanted her to see them in person instead of just as pictures in a book. That ignited a desire in me to see the world, discover new places and experience fun adventures together.

A few years back a friend of ours introduced us to a travel & lifestyle club that has changed our lives! It's allowed us to take more vacations , travel, explore new places & cultures while creating memories together as a family that we'll cherish forever. We were able to fulfill our promise and take our daughter to Italy to see the Roman Colosseum, Pompeii, The Forum and more. 

It's been more than three years now and we've taken so many wonderful vacations, made new friends around the world and checked off bucket list items we'd been talking about for years. We've been to Aspen, Florence, Rome, Venice Italy, Vegas, Baja Cruise, Arizona, Guatemala and more.

I love finding deals. It’s a fun challenge for me. I like good quality things but love paying less.  It’s the same with travel. I want to experience dream vacations at discount prices.  Our travel club has allowed us to do that and we’re so grateful.

One of things I love most is that all the planning for the vacation is done and I don't have to spend countless hours researching and then hope I picked good hotels, excursions, etc. We just get to show up, have fun and create precious memories together. 

As you know I love sharing things that have made a difference in my life, so if you'd like to learn more about our travel club you can contact me, and I'll send you some information. You can email me at: Tammy{at}tammyblomsterberg.com or fill out the form below and write "travel club info" in the subject line.  I look forward to sharing it with you. :) 

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What other members are saying


“My name is April and I'm a former Vice Mayor, Top 5% Realtor, Hall of Fame Songwriter and the CEO & Founder of two non profits. I am extremely busy to say the least, so when I was introduced to the membership I loved the thought of picking an amazing vacation at the guaranteed best price and all of the details being handled for me and my family,saving me time and money. I've been a member since 2009 and I have been able to experience over thirty trips and every one of them was better than I could have imagined. I love the safety of knowing that I have a trip host attending the trip with me so that if I need anything at all, it is handled for me and my family so that we have a peak life experience. Whether you want to go on a Cruise, visit Africa or Thailand, or just go to the Napa Valley Wine Country, this membership offers it all at a deeply discounted price protected rate! “ April C- Member since 2009


“I've been a member for the last 4 1/2 years. My husband and I never traveled, never took a honeymoon and rarely spent any quality time together. I was introduced to a "VIP travel club" that literally has allowed us to experience thirty-two different vacations together in the last four years. Prior to becoming a member I was working 50+hrs a week selling medical supplies, while my husband worked across town selling real estate. We had no time together. This company has put more life into our life and has completely changed the way we live.”  -  Vanessa R.

I've been involved with this amazing company since April of 2013. The vacations I've experienced and the lifestyle I have enjoyed have been incredible. This company has been such a blessing to me and my family! I've been fortunate enough to go on ten vacations in the last two years, which could not have been possible was it not for our amazing travel club and the extra residual income I now see every single month! The lifestyle we live, the people we meet, the relationships we build - none of it can even be explained, it must be experienced! Thank you for an amazing company that truly gives each and every person the                                                     ability to "Make a Living...Living!" - Derrick S.