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Zero-Waste Living

Cloth Produce Bags 

eco produce bags.jpg

I love these organic cotton muslin produce bags by Simple Ecology. I bought a set of them over a year ago and they're still in great shape.  I take them to the grocery store and put my produce and bulk items in them such as lettuce, apples, celery, spinach, nuts, seeds, grains and more.  You can also use them to store produce in your refrigerator.  I bought them on Amazon.  Here's a link:  Simple Ecology cotton muslin produce bags

Mesh Produce Bags 

I also have a set of mesh produce bags that I use for apples, avocado and larger dry items. I bought mine at Whole Foods many years ago, but Simple Ecology has a set of them.  Here's a link to: Simple Ecology Mesh Produce Bags

This Lauren Singer video is what inspired me to start living a zero-waste life. 

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