Congratulations on your decision to join our team! 

  • Click "join now" to be taken to the signup page.
  • Once on the page, click “sign up” on the top right of the page
  • Select your country and follow the steps from there.
  • If you’re getting a membership, which I highly suggest so you can experience DreamTrips, select your membership level. You’ll choose between DreamTrips membership, DreamTrips Gold and DreamTrips Platinum. If you have any questions about which to choose I’m happy to help you select the one that best fits your needs.
  • Then select “Become a Representative.”
  • If you’re between the ages of 18-25 select “Become a representative (Students & young professionals)." Young adults get a discounted rate to help them start their own business. 

If you have questions or would like help with signing up, please contact me HERE or send me an e-mail at: Tammy {at} TammyBlomsterberg {dot} com. You can also call me at: 818-863-9087 and I would be happy to help.

I look forward to welcoming you to our team & travel family!