Vegan Restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala

I usually do some research before traveling to a new place so I have an idea of where to find healthy, vegan food or places that have vegan options. 

One of my favorite resources for finding vegan friendly food and restaurants is Happy Cow.  You put in the name of where you’ll be traveling to and it gives you a list of vegan friendly places along with reviews.  

There website is:  They also have an app called “Happy Cow.”  It’s great to have for those times you find yourself out of town, hungry and looking for someplace to eat.

On our volunteer trip to Guatemala, which you can read about here, our meals were taken care of for us.  So, I didn’t need to research for this trip but we did get to eat some good vegan food there.

While we were working on the bottle school our meals were provided by the lovely Cristy Velasco who owns Full Moon Café in San Martin Jilotepeque.  We went to her café for breakfast and dinner each day that we worked on the bottle school and she delivered lunch to the work site.

Lunch Cristy brought to the bottle school work site - Chickpeas, rice and veggies with salsa verde 

Lunch Cristy brought to the bottle school work site - Chickpeas, rice and veggies with salsa verde 

If you're ever in San Martin Jilotepeque, I highly recommend you stop by Full Moon Café and and try her delicious food. Just let her know you’re vegan and she’ll take great care of you. She made us some yummy vegan banana pancakes but we devoured them and forgot to take pictures. 

Breakfast -  black beans, tortillas, rice and fruit 

Breakfast -  black beans, tortillas, rice and fruit 

We stayed the first and last night of our trip in Antigua so we had the opportunity to eat at some of the vegan restaurants there. Here’s a list of vegan friendly places to eat in Antigua:

Pitaya Juice Bar 

This is the first place we ate upon arriving in Antigua.  They do serve non vegan items but have plenty of vegan options or items that can be made vegan. They offer a variety of healthy juices, smoothies, and food, as well as wheatgrass and other supplements.

I had the Griega salad without feta cheese.  It consisted of organic romaine, cucumber, carrots, black olives, tomato with a greek vinaigrette and came with a side of hummus and pita bread.  You can also get it in a wrap with a whole wheat tortilla.

The Griega salad at Pitaya Juice Bar 

The Griega salad at Pitaya Juice Bar 

We all loved the smoothies.  I think mine was the Fresca Pascion which has passion fruit, orange, pineapple and mint. It was so yummy!  My husband and daughter each had a different smoothie and they were all good. I loved mine so much that I had it both times we ate there. 

Adam, one of the Hug It Forward representatives from our trip, who is also vegan, gave me a list of places to eat that have vegan options. 


I didn’t get a chance to eat here personally but it was one of the restaurants recommended by Adam. I told a friend of mine who was traveling to Antigua for a couple of weeks about it and she said this was her favorite place to eat. Click Here to see their facebook page. 

La Vaca Feliz (The happy cow)  This is a vegan restaurant that also has gluten free options. You can read more about them and see reviews here

Now let's not forget dessert.  ChocoMuseo is located 1.5 blocks from the central square in Antigua. They offer a variety of workshops and tours. The most popular workshop is called "from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar." You learn how to make chocolate starting with the cacao bean. You get to take home the chocolate you make.

They also offer a "Chocolate truffles and ganache" workshop as well as a tour of the chocolate factory and a cacao farm tour. It's a chocolate lovers paradise.  You can buy chocolate bars, cacao powder, nibs, chocolate tea, truffles and much more in their store. It's a great place to pick up a little dessert truffle or candy bar. 

They were very helpful and happily pointed out which items were vegan for us.  We came home with a big bag of chocolate gifts for our family...okay not all of the chocolate made it home. We had to try some of them to make sure they were good before we gave them as gifts.  :) 

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