Upside Down Ziplining in Hawaii

For our trip to The Big Island of Hawaii, the only excursion we booked beforehand was swimming with wild dolphins.

I don’t always like to plan too many excursions before arriving because I like to wait and see what I feel like doing once I'm there. Sometimes I just want to relax and allow my days to unfold naturally.

During our Hawaii trip I was feeling adventurous, so we checked out a list of excursions the hotel had to offer and booked the Umauma Falls Zipline Tour.


We were staying at the Hilton Waikoloa Village so the drive to the Umauma Falls took about an hour and a half.

The terrain by the hotel is very rocky and not what you might expect for Hawaii. The world's most active volcano is Kilauea, which is on the big island. It has been spewing lava since 1983.

On our drive to the falls we went from seeing lots of lava rock to suddenly being in a tropical forrest. It was beautiful.

We chose the nine line tour which is two miles long and takes you over fourteen waterfalls. There are four dual ziplines where you ride (or race) next to someone, which was fun.


One of the longest and tallest lines was over a river. There was plenty of time to look around and enjoy the view. You are way up there, which was a little scary for me when I looked down. I had that moment where I thought about what would happen if the cable broke, but I quickly chose to let that thought go and know that I was going to be fine.


I’m not afraid of heights but don’t like looking down over edges. It makes me a little nervous. Ziplining is a great metaphor for letting go and trusting that you are going to be okay. The first leap is always the hardest and I had to take a couple of breaths and just jump. I really enjoyed the experience and it was a lot of fun!


They allow you to flip yourself upside down on these ziplines. I tried to flip on a smaller line that was closer to the ground...just in case, but I wasn’t quite able to make it.


My husband and his friend were able to go upside down and loved it. We all had a great time!

I would love to hear from you.  Have you ziplined before or is it something you would like to do? Would you go upside down?