Travel to Guatemala and Experience Vibrant Colors and Sights

Guatemala is rich with culture and full of vibrant colors and textures. From the colorful buildings and cobblestone streets to the beautiful Mayan clothing, there's so much to see.

Guatemala City was full of many colorful sights. The buses which are called "chicken buses" are usually old yellow school buses from the U.S. that have been bought at auction and colorfully painted.

Many of the women in Guatemala wear traditional Mayan clothing consisting of colorful blouses and skirts. The blouses are called huipil and are traditionally hand woven.  A single blouse can take several months to complete. 

The colors, patterns and design vary according to the region and of course personal creativity.  Each row and pattern signifies or means something.

While we were working on the bottle school in Los Magueyes we got to visit the homes of some local families who shared their culture and lifestyle with us. 

These women shared their tradition of weaving the colorful huipil blouses like the ones they are wearing in the pictures. 

Women wear a woven wraparound skirt that reaches to their ankles and is held together by a sash (faja) at the waist. The young girls that worked with us during our volunteer trip to help build a bottle school, wore their skirts even while working.

During our stay in Antigua, I loved walking around and looking at the buildings and architecture.  The cobblestone streets with Roman Renaissance inspired buildings and cathedrals, gave me a feeling of stepping back in time. 

La Merced in Antigua, Guatemala 

La Merced in Antigua, Guatemala 

Even the cemeteries in Guatemala were colorful. This was a view from our hotel room in San Martin Jilotepeque.

We had a wonderful time walking around Antigua, taking in the sights and colors and learning more about the people and their culture.

This mom was on her way to the outdoor market, pushing her cart with one baby on her back and two little ones following her on the sidewalk. 

I would love to hear from you.  Where have you traveled or where would you like to go that is alive with colorful sights and culture? Please comment below.  

Happy Travels!