Travel Packing Tips

I love going on vacation but packing can be a bit challenging for me. I usually put it off until the day before and it always seems to take me longer than I think it will.

I know people who pack a few days before a trip so they can relax the day before they travel and not be up packing late into the night, like I end up doing. I may give that a try for our next trip.

Here are a few tips I’ve discovered that have made the packing process easier and help keep me organized.

  • Wrap rubber bands around cable and electrical cords such as your phone charger, ear buds and curling iron. This keeps them from getting all tangled together.


  • Put chargers and plugs into small bags that you can keep in your purse or carry on for easy access. This is also helpful in case your luggage decides to take a detour. If that happens at least you can still charge your phone or computer. 


  • Eyeglass cases and make up bags work great. I also like pencil cases because they are longer and still small enough to it easily in your bag. 



Travel toiletry bag.JPG
  • Keep a bag of toiletries packed and ready to grab & go. I have an extra set of my toiletries and makeup in travel size containers already packed in accordance to airplane regulations. This saves a lot of time packing for a trip as well as when you get home.




  • Use a piece of ribbon or lace to keep your earrings organized and together. When you pack earrings loose it seems that one always ends up missing or you spend time digging through your bag trying to find it. You can also use pill boxes to store them.


  • Pack shoes in cloth or plastic bags to protect them from getting scratched and to keep your clothes clean. I like to bring a couple of extra bags for dirty clothes. You can also pack socks and under garments in them. This keeps them all together and easy to access.

I found cloth shoe bags on Amazon for under $14. I bought a set of smaller ones for shoes and larger ones for boots and to use for dirty clothes. The small ones are still pretty big so they would work for boots as long as you don't mind them not being completely covered. You can check out the large bags here and the smaller ones here.

Hope these tips help!   Happy Travels!