A View From Above: Celebrating Our 21st Wedding Anniversary With A Sunset Helicopter Tour of Los Angeles

I wanted to surprise my husband with an experience to celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary.  We booked a weekend getaway at a resort & spa in San Diego, but I also wanted to do something on our actual Anniversary.  I decided to book a helicopter tour over Los Angeles. I chose it because I knew that flying in a helicopter was a bucket list item for him. He loves the sun shining on the ocean and I thought he would love a sunset helicopter tour to see it from a birds eye view. 

I chose Elite Helicopter Tours for a couple of reasons, one of those being that they have a 100% perfect safety record. I’m not a fan of flying and had never been in a helicopter so I wanted to feel safe. I was actually very excited about the experience and not at all nervous or scared. 

It was so much fun surprising him!  I booked our tour and had him save the date. As it got closer to the day our weather forecast said it was going to be cloudy with no sun which wouldn’t quite work since I'd booked a sunset tour. Helen from Elite was wonderful, and we kept in touch about the weather and of course the forecast changed daily and sometimes even by the minute. It would show partly sunny, then cloudy with no sun and even rain at one time.

I could have rescheduled due to weather but I really wanted it to be on our actual Anniversary, so I prayed and trusted it would all work out. My prayers were answered! I woke up the day of our Anniversary to beautiful sunny skies.

I called Helen and she said it looked great, but we would keep an eye on it because there were clouds out there looming in the distance.  At various times during the day the clouds would come out and you wouldn’t see the sun but by the end of the day it looked great.  It was a go! I was so excited!

My hubby, Dave still didn’t know what we were doing. He knew that we were going to Downtown LA he just didn’t know why and that we were getting there via helicopter.  We started driving toward LA and then I told him I wanted to stop somewhere else first.

He was so excited when we made the turn into the airport driveway and he saw a sign that said: “Elite Helicopter Tours” He was a bit surprised especially knowing I’m not a huge fan of flying. It brought joy to my heart to surprise him and see how happy he was.  

Our pilot, Tom was great. He’s been flying since he was a young boy and his father was a pilot. He’s also a stunt pilot so I felt safe with him. 

Our tour started at the Van Nuys Airport and we headed toward Malibu. We saw the Santa Monica Mountains where we hike often. Then we headed to Malibu and came over the mountain just as the sun was setting over the ocean.  It was breathtaking!  I think I must have said “wow” a few hundred times as I was stunned by the beauty and view from the helicopter. 

We saw the Malibu Coastline, Malibu Pier, Santa Monica Pier & Boardwalk, Beverly Hills, Griffith Park Observatory, The Getty Center, Downtown LA, the Hollywood sign, and Dodger Stadium, which was a highlight for my husband since he’s been a fan since he was a kid. Each time we attend a game there now he’ll remember our tour and the view from above.

After our tour we went to eat at Sun Café which is a wonderful vegan restaurant in Studio City that serves vegan and raw food.  We had a romantic dinner outside by the water fountain with soft white lights and beautiful ambiance. It was a fabulous evening filled with surprises, joy, love and laughter.