My Word for 2018

I’ve never picked a word for the year before. I’ve heard about it, but I don’t usually make resolutions or things like that for the new year. This year I felt guided to pick a word and right away two words came to me, peace and acceptance.  I prayed and asked for guidance and those words kept coming up, so I decided to accept them and go with it. 

Yes, I know it’s two words, but I feel that they go perfectly together and that’s what I was guided to choose. I feel that a big part of having peace in my life starts with acceptance. When we fight against things or wish they were different that brings us discomfort and unhappiness. To me peace starts with accepting what is.

Once we’ve accepted what is, then we’re no longer fighting it or wishing it were different. It doesn’t mean we like it or don’t want to do something about it but wishing it were different only brings us upset. Once we accept it then from that place we can choose from a clear space what we want or need to do, if anything.  Sometimes simply accepting it is enough.

I’m excited about having a word and looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I wrote my words into my daily calendar on my phone so that I’ll be reminded of them every day. I’m looking forward to seeing what the year brings as I focus on acceptance and peace each day.

Do you pick a word for the year?  If so, I’d love to hear how the experience has been for you and what your word is for 2018.  Please share in the comments below.


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