My New Favorite Travel Product

My new favorite travel product is (drumroll please)....packing cubes! 

I love keeping things neat, simple and organized.  In fact I enjoy it so much I considered starting my own organizing business at one time.  So it makes perfect sense that I'd love packing cubes. 

When a space is organized and clutter free it feels better and gives me a sense of peace. When there's clutter everywhere it feels a bit chaotic.  The same goes for my suitcase. I prefer it to be organized and neat so I can easily find what I'm looking for.

In these pics you can see the difference between regular packing and using the cubes. The suitcase with the packing cubes is neat and organized and has extra room still. 

Packing cubes are a great way to organize and easily find your clothes and outfits.  Most sets come with three or more cubes of varying sizes.  

When I decided to buy a set of packing cubes, I couldn't narrow down which ones I wanted to get, so I bought three different types. 

I like them all but my favorite ones are pro packing cubes. They came with a set of four different sized cubes. They're lightweight so they don't add much weight to your luggage and I was surprised by how much I could fit in them. 

There are different ways you can use the packing cubes. Some people will pack entire outfits together.  I usually put my jeans, skirts, dresses and larger items such as sweaters or jackets in the largest cube. I put shirts all together in another cube and use the smaller cubes for jammies, swimsuits and under garments.  

The smaller sized cubes are also great for packing personal care items or electronics and any extra stuff you're bringing along. 

The benefits of packing cubes: 

  • They help keep clothes wrinkle free.  I've tried rolling clothes and folding them neatly yet still they would be wrinkled when I arrived at my destination.  With the cubes, they are usually fine and ready to wear. 
  • I can fit more items easily in my suitcase and they keep everything neat and organized. 
  • It's easier to find stuff. No more digging through the suitcase to find a certain shirt or pair of pants.  I just get out the cube that has those items and there they are. 
  • Instead of unpacking my suticase and having to organize my clothes when we arrive at the destination, I take out the cubes and put them in the drawers. You can also leave them in the suitcase if you'd prefer.
  • If you're going on a short trip or somewhere for the day while you're on vacation, you can pack what you need in a cube and bring that with you.  They have handles so they're easy to carry and they're lightweight.
  • Did I already say that they keep things neat and organized.  I love that feature!  LOL 

I'd love to hear from you! What is your favorite travel product?  

Happy Travels! 


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