Minimalism: How the Documentary Changed My Life

I recently watched “Minimalism - A Documentary About the Important Things” with my family and we loved it!  It has impacted our life in a big way. I couldn’t sleep the night we watched it because I had many thoughts running through my head and was so excited to start making some changes. 

It really made me think about the “stuff” we have and how it impacts our lives. We’re marketed to from the time were born and taught to believe that “stuff” will bring us joy. The U.S. has approx. 9% of the world’s population of children yet we consume almost 50% of the toys.  That’s crazy to me!  

After watching the documentary, we all went through our stuff and decided what to keep and what to donate, sell or throw away.  We went through the garage, book shelves and every room in the house. Each of us went through our own bedroom and clothes. I went through the kitchen since I do most of the cooking. 

We donated four huge loads of stuff that filled our front porch.  When we called, to have the donations picked up we had to let them know each time that it was a large load because they didn’t have enough room in the truck the first time they came out. LOL

This is one of the many donations we made 

This is one of the many donations we made 

You wouldn’t have known looking at our home that we had so much stuff but we had a lot stored neatly in containers and cabinets.  I don’t like clutter because our physical space affects our emotional/mental space. I always feel more relaxed in a clutter free space. Even though our home looked neat and tidy before It feels different energetically now. 

I experienced some wonderful benefits to minimalizing right away. We got rid of six large storage containers of Christmas decorations.  I enjoyed Christmas so much more with less decorations. In past years, I didn’t want to put the decorations up because there was so much stuff everywhere and it just looked busy to me.  

Our kids always wanted to put the decorations up right after Thanksgiving and I would put it off.  After Christmas I was always so happy to take the decorations down and have my clutter free space back. This year was so much better! I enjoyed the few decorations we had out.  They brought me joy and gave me a feeling of peace.

The beautiful stockings my daughter handmade for us this year. Besides these, the only other decorations we had were the tree and a snowman on one shelf.  

The beautiful stockings my daughter handmade for us this year. Besides these, the only other decorations we had were the tree and a snowman on one shelf.  

Another wonderful benefit I’ve felt right away is how much quicker and easier it is to dust and clean.  As I went through stuff I only kept things that either brought me joy or added value to my life.  This meant that I got rid of a lot of decorations, pictures, and items sitting around on dresser tops, cabinets and shelves.  

When I dust now it’s so much easier and faster because I don’t have to spend as much time moving as many items.  I now have more time to do things that bring me joy and that I’m passionate about, like spending time with my family, cooking and hiking.  

Below are some pics of my new minimal dresser decorations. I love how I feel when I walk in my room now. 

Discovering minimalism has changed much more than our home space.  It’s made me think differently about shopping, gift giving, adding value to others lives, how I spend my time and much more.  I’m excited to continue this journey and see what happens. 

You can learn more about the documentary on the website here:  It’s available to watch on Netflix, Amazon, I-Tunes and more.  There is a list of all the places to watch it on the website. 

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