Incredible Airline Perk I just Discovered

If you fly Southwest Airlines you need to know about this amazing perk. I didn't know it existed until I read about it on Travel & Leisure's website.  It's called Companion Pass. 

Once you accrue 110,000 qualifying points or fly 100 flights in a calendar year, you earn Companion Pass Status. That means you get to take a designated companion with you whenever you buy or use points for a Southwest ticket and you only pay the government fees for their ticket. This perk is good for one year from the time you earn it. 

I love Southwest Airlines because they usually have lower fares and still allow each passenger to check on two bags for free. They also offer great online deals and specials.

Most importantly I feel safe flying with them.  I've heard some crazy stories about flying on other bargain airlines where they couldn't figure out how to close the door to the plane or the customer service wasn't great.  I'm always looking for a good deal, but safety and peace of mind are top priorities.  

To learn more about Southewest Airline's Companion Pass and how it works CLICK HERE to read the article on 

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