I'm Breaking The Rules And It Feels Amazing!

I’m breaking the rules and I have to say it feels amazing! Before your mind starts to wander thinking I’m breaking the law, it’s not that bad.  

I’m breaking some self-imposed rules and things I picked up along the way from other people regarding the best way to do things. I completely respect the law and wouldn’t break those rules.  

Most courses and things I’ve read say to pick one “niche” or topic for your blog and specialize in that.  I got bored quickly with that because there’s so much more to life

I don’t want to share about only one topic.  I’m passionate about so many things like family, a vegan lifestyle, travel, personal development, entrepreneurship and more.  I felt stuck trying to blog about only one topic, so I stopped blogging. I didn’t feel the passion and it wasn’t fun. 

I kept noticing that each time I discovered something that made a difference in my life, I wanted to share it.  But if it wasn’t related to my one topic, I thought I couldn’t.  That was the self-imposed rule I had taken on. 

I finally realized that I don’t care about that silly rule and it’s just a belief I picked up. It was no longer serving me.  Instead it was stopping me from living my authentic truth and following my heart.  I want to share whatever I feel like with all of you. So, that’s what I’m doing.  From now on my blog posts are going to be my ramblings about whatever is happening in my life, the tools tips and things I discover, great recipes, our travel adventures, business, personal development and more. 

The moment I made this decision I felt free.  I knew it was the right choice for me and I was finally listening to and following my own inner guidance. I felt excited to start sharing with you and an inner sense of joy and alignment. 

Where in your life have you picked up a belief or rule that no longer serves you?  You can go within and check to see if it serves you or not by how you feel.  We all have our own inner guidance and it will always guide you to the best path that will bring you joy.

When I decided to let go of the “one topic” belief I felt as if my soul had been set free.  I knew I was on the right track and honoring my spirit and being authentic by how I felt. 

I would love to hear from you.  Do you have a belief or self-imposed rule that no longer serves you?  Please comment below and share your new empowered belief.  

Hugs & Blessings,