Disconnect In Order To Connect

With modern technology you can communicate quickly and instantly with people around the world.  This is a wonderful thing in many ways, but sometimes people are so connected to their devices that they aren’t truly present with the person they are with.

If you have a smart phone you now have your office with you at all times because you can check e-mails and be reached anytime of the day or night. It used to be that when you were done working for the day, that was it, and you didn’t check e-mails or do anything else until the next work day.

Oftentimes when I see afamily out to dinner the entire family is on their phones texting, checking e-mails or who knows what.  They aren’t talking to each other or spending quality time together. When it comes to quality time, just being in the same room doesn’t count.

We seem to have a society that wants instant gratification. We used to have to wait till we got home to call our friends and tell them about our day or what we bought at the store, now you can text them while shopping.

Have you ever been out to eat with someone and the entire time they are on their phone texting and then they speak to you in between reading and sending text messages. When this happens it can feel like they aren’t really interested in connecting with you because they are busy with another conversation. If they had to actually call and talk to the person they would more than likely wait until after the meal.

What I’ve noticed not only with myself but others is that because we are able to connect with people anywhere, at any time, we are losing touch and missing out on the moments that are happening where we are in the now.

How to disconnect in order to connect

I would encourage you to disconnect more often. Allow yourself to have a day off work and not check e-mails.  Put your phone away when you are eating, spending quality time with someone or watching a movie. Be present with what you are doing and who you are with. This will improve the quality of your connection and relationships. It can also help you relax and enjoy the now.

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Peace & Happiness,