Creative Ways to Give A Gift

With the holidays upon us I thought it would be fun to share some creative ways to give a gift. The gifts people remember and cherish the most are often experiences or time spent doing something together. Those can be a bit challenging to wrap up. 

These ideas work great for any gift and especially those hard to wrap items such as a car, golf clubs or an experience like a vacation or a special day spent together.

1.        Puzzle Pieces – Draw or print a picture. It can be an image of the actual gift, a word, or a clue to where the gift is hidden. Cut the picture into pieces similar to a puzzle.  Wrap them however you choose.

We’ve done this for our kids and they loved it! For Christmas one year our big gift was a family trip to Hawaii. We did a puzzle that said Hawaii on it. They had so much fun putting the puzzle together. You could see their excitement and the anticipation as they tried to figure it out.  They still remember not only the trip but the fun of putting together the puzzle even though it’s been more than ten years.

2.       Treasure/Scavenger Hunt – Give them clues that lead to words and when they put them together, it tells them what the gift is. For example if it’s a trip to Disneyland you could have the words “We are going to Disneyland.”

The clues could be letters and once they get them all, they have to figure out what the word is.  It could also be puzzle pieces they put together to discover the gift.The clues can also lead them to where the gift is hidden.

3.       Questions /Riddles – Create a riddle or questions for them to answer. The answer can either be a clue to where the gift is or tell them what it is.

4.       Crossword puzzle – Create a crossword puzzle that tells them what the gift is. For instance, if the gift is a trip to Hawaii the questions can relate to that.  You could have: airplane, ocean, surfing, hotel, luau, grass skirt, lei, etc. 

You can make your own crossword puzzle or use a free online resource to make one for you.

Here are a couple you can check out:

Have fun being creative with your gift giving! 

What are some fun, creative ways you've given a gift?  Please share your comments below.  

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