Are your feelings trying to tell you something?

Have you ever been so angry that you could feel the energy rising up in your body? Have you ever been so happy that you could feel the energy of pure joy rushing through your body?

Intense feelings can be overwhelming. If you judge the feeling as “bad” you may try to push it down because you’re afraid of the strong emotion or maybe you have a belief that it is “bad” to feel angry. The emotion is not “bad”, what can be harmful is how we choose to react to the feeling.

Emotions are energy just like everything else in our world. Feelings are there to serve you if you listen, honor and respect them. When we judge our feelings or wish they were different, we are missing out on the opportunity to grow and learn.

Instead of trying to avoid your feelings and saying "I shouldn’t feel angry, upset, jealous etc." Go within to your heart center and ask what the feeling is trying to tell you.

Guilt could be telling you that you did something out of alignment with your Spirit. Rather than staying stuck in guilt and refusing to forgive yourself, you can make a conscious decision to honor your truth in the future.

Anger is usually caused by a belief that something shouldn’t be happening or by wishing things were different than they actually are.

If you are stuck behind a slow driver and upset because you are late, you could choose to think that they are saving you from something. When you believe everything happens for you instead of to you, it changes the way you view life.

Fear can warn you of danger and keep you safe. It can also stop you from doing something you really want to do because it tells you things like, “What if I fail, sing out of tune, or forget my speech?”

Your feelings can save your life. There are many stories of people who had a gut feeling about something and it saved them from harm.

There are also stories of people who had a gut feeling about someone but felt bad for feeling that way because the person was so “nice” and there was no logical reason for them to feel uneasy. They didn’t trust their gut and the person ended up harming them or someone else.

You may not always know “why” you are feeling a certain way, but if you honor your feelings, they can empower you and guide your life.  Next time a feeling comes up ask yourself, “What is this feeling trying to tell me?”

Love & Happiness,