Are you betraying yourself?

I used to be in the habit of betraying myself daily. I would deny my truth, the voice inside that is always there guiding me to what aligns with my Spirit.

I learned to ignore my inner voice at an early age because I took on the belief that in order to be loveable and receive love, I had to make others happy. I thought my happiness was dependent on making sure everyone around me was happy, even if it was at the expense of my own health and well-being. So I stopped listening to what my spirit wanted.

I didn’t betray myself when it came to “big” things like doing something that was illegal or felt “wrong.” I would listen to my inner voice when it came to those things. It was usually little betrayals, like saying yes to something I didn’t really want to do because I wanted people to like me or because I felt that I “should” do it or by asking others to help me make important decisions in my life rather than going within to discover what resonated with my soul.

Of course there is tremendous value in asking for advice and support from people. The betrayal happens when you think they know what’s best for you even though you can feel your inner guide telling you something different.  We betray ourselves when we put more value in someone else's opinion rather than following our inner guide.

When I started honoring my truth, it was a bit scary and still can be at times. Fear can creep in and tell me all kinds of stories/lies. But once I experienced how wonderful it feels to follow my truth and live authentically, it became much easier to do.

One of the first times I remember honoring my truth was when someone asked me to help out at a function I didn’t want to attend. I had just set the intention to start living authentically and speak my truth. So when she asked me, I had to tell her that I would get back to her with an answer because in that moment I could feel myself wanting to say “yes” because it's the “nice” thing to do.

I also felt my spirit sinking at the thought of doing it, so I took a deep breath, and said I would let her know.  It was so empowering to allow myself time to see if it resonated with my spirit and then to honor my truth. I called her later and said, “Thank you but that doesn’t work for me.”

When I honor my truth I’m also teaching my children by example to honor their truth. It’s important to me that they learn to listen to their inner guide.

Do you deny your truth or betray yourself? If so, what can you do to start honoring your spirit and live authentically?

Please share your comments below. I look forward to hearing from you!

“Betrayal of yourself is a denial of your truth.” – Destiny B

Love & Happiness,