3 Steps To Achieve Your Dreams and Goals


One of the most important factors to achieving anything is BELIEF.  If you don’t believe it’s possible your thoughts and doubts will get in the way of you achieving it.  Everything starts in your mind. Our thoughts become things and create our experience. 

How do you gain belief? If your dream is to live a freedom lifestyle so you can travel anytime you desire and be home with your family, then the first step is to ask yourself if you believe it’s possible. You must believe it can be done. 

The next step is to build a belief in yourself that YOU can achieve it. You may want to find a mentor or someone who's already achieved what you desire and learn from them. Find out what they did and what skills you may need and start learning them. 

If you have a home-based direct selling business it’s important to believe in yourself, the company and your product. One of the best ways to gain belief in your company is by going to company sponsored training and events. Hearing other people share their success stories helps to create a belief in you that you can achieve it too. 


The next step is all about feelings. Ask yourself, how you'd feel if you achieved your dream? Would it create a feeling of joy and peace for you? If so find ways to feel that now. Do more of the things that bring you joy and peace today. 

It’s important to not only imagine what your life will be like when you achieve them but to FEEL what it’s like to have achieved them already. You want to create that feeling in your life now.

If spending time with your kids, laughing and playing brings you joy, do more of that. Allow yourself to feel peace and joy in your life without waiting to reach a certain goal first. Being in the feeling state of already having it will attract it to you since like energy attracts like energy.


The next step is all about action. Now that you believe and have gotten in the feeling place, you’ll want to take action by following your inner guidance. What steps can you take toward achieving your dream? Ask yourself this question and the guidance will follow. If your dream is to become a professional golfer you’ll probably be guided to learn how to play golf and then spend hours practicing. 

If you want a freedom lifestyle you may be guided to start a home-based business so you can create residual income. You might take action by researching and finding a company that's a good fit for you with a product you love. You want to be passionate about what you do. For me it was important to do something that made a difference in the lives of others. Whatever it is for you, listen to your inner guidance and start taking action. 

Once you ask for guidance things will start showing up. Someone may share a great opportunity with you, suggest a book or mention something that resonates.  Pay attention and you’ll be guided toward what you need to achieve your dreams. 

To recap the three steps to achieving a dream/goal: 

1.    BELIEVE – Believe in yourself, your product and your company
2.   FEELING - Get into the feeling place of already having it
3.   ACTION - Take action - follow your intuition and inner guidance